Sandy still affecting NJ and Ode to a family dockhouse

My grandparents had a home on the Manasquan River overlooking the Pt. Pleasant inlet at the Jersey Shore. It is not the “south” Jersey Shore. Those not familiar with NJ will probably laugh thinking that the state is too small to be “divided” into different areas, but if you’ve ever lived or visited there, you will find much diversification. I’ll leave the geography lesson for another time.

It was the center of family for my childhood. There was a main house and two separate cottages. There were two docks for boats. There was a private beach and a huge grassy area overlooking marvelous views. Then there was the dockhouse. It wasn’t big, but it seemed to symbolize all of the great family memories. These get togethers weren’t just in the summer. They were all year round. The ducks would have babies in the Spring and would walk right up to you. The entire family of all generations would play football on Thanksgiving and Christmas. There were also those fishing trips that had our Dads getting us up at 4:00 a.m. I have to admit, I thought that was a little bit of overkill.

Things have changed over time, but those memories will last forever. My first photo here is from my Grandma’s 90th birthday party. That was over 7 years ago. She’s still with us and as feisty as ever. Since that time the family has only gotten bigger with siblings and cousins having more kids and recently a first: the child of a cousin had a baby. That means Grandma is now Great Great Grandma!


This particular photo was taken after Grandma subdivided the property, keeping the smaller part and the two cottages, instead of the main house. Part of the reason was that that half of the property had the dockhouse. Very shortly before Hurricane Sandy, Grandma finally sold the second half of the property. I enclose a photo from around that time so that you can see what a little gem gave so many memories to so many.


Thank goodness Grandma sold. The property is still nowhere near what it was before the storm. I had many relatives affected. One cousin got to move her family back into her house 2 years after Sandy. There are people that are still not back in their homes or may never be. I just recently went to see the current state of the property. The private beach is gone with a retaining wall and new dock built as reinforcement. The land has all be re-graded and brought higher, but the grass is just beginning to come back. There is no loner a dockhouse on the dock. I show you a photo.


You might ask what happened to the dockhouse. I don’t know what the new owner intends, but it is now way up near the street and the cottages. I show you a photo of that sad sight also.


Lesson of the day…..preserve your memories by photos and videos. You never know when you won’t see a place, thing, or person again.

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