Spring and Change

I have to laugh at some recent comments to this site that claim that my blogs are not long enough. Those that follow me here, on Trip Advisor, and on Face Book never say that. haha Those that have been following me for years tell me that any sentence with a comma, semi-colon, or colon turn off readers in today’s instant world.

Every year in the climates that have it, Spring brings change. Usually we travel in the Spring. This year we limited our travel to Florida. Most years we go to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic also. In prior years we have travelled to Europe and Asia. We have always loved Spring travel. This year family obligations have prevented us from doing the usual amount of travel. We have in the past traveled for three weeks at a time. Shorter travel time this year.

One of the benefits of not be off and about is to enjoy the yards we have created. Some have been “on purpose” and some have been “accidental”.

My main thought is that, as big or small as your home or your property is, make it “your castle”. Use the inspiration of travel and what you see to make it special.

I post some photos today to show you what I am talking about.

The first is of a Japanese Maple we bought years ago, along with a bench we found on sale at Home Depot. We bought both “cheap” and have nurtured them over the years to be a special place for us to enjoy.

Japanese May 2016

The second photo is of some wild growing honeysuckle and some hosta. We are in the process of moving the honeysuckle to another place, as you will see.

honeysuckle and hosta May 2016

Another photo is showing some “blue” flowers, which ae the most rare, that have come up without our knowledge from other plantings. along with some of the new rows of honeysuckle that we have transported.

What is it May 2016

I almost forgot our most recent garden muse. I heartily suggest that you add some to your garden, whether big or small.

green garden lady

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