Wine whine

I love drinking red wine, and it is supposed to be healthy for you.  I am very often asked what brand or type of red wine to drink.  No one can tell you that.  You have to experiment by yourself.  The house, the grape, the year can always vary.  Your tastes will also change over time.

I like dry red wines.  I do not like fruity ones.  Your tastes may be different.  I drink wines from all countries…..always trying out something new, whether high end or low end.  The most expensive bottle of wine I ever drank was $400 per bottle and we had two.  It was an accident…..a big accident.  Maybe someday I’ll tell the story.  It was the best wine I ever drank, but I do not need to pay such prices.

There are many wines for less than $10 that are good.  There are many wine shops that put on sale wines from all over the world.  Try them.  Expect to pay at least double in a restaurant for the same wine.

Today I provide a wine whine.  Hubby and I LOVED the wine the night we opened it.  We did not finish it.  The following night, tonight, we went to finish it and were entirely disappointed.  It did not “save” overnight, despite being corked.  Some wines save well and other do not.  I post a photo of the wine at issue.



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