Best coach international flight ever!

Once in awhile one gets very lucky with air travel.  It seems less and less a happening these days, but there are so many internet tools out there that with good research and some patience, you can find that deal a good amount of the time.  It gets more complicated with international air.  It gets even trickier with first class air.

The only true secret to decent first class international air is a good mileage/loyalty program.  For about a decade hubby and I have been flying from New Jersey to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  Almost every one of those flights was first class.  We flew out of both Newark, NJ and Philadelphia, Pa.  There were a very few flights when we flew coach, only because the price was sooooo cheap we could not resist.

We recently moved to southeastern Florida.  I booked our next trip to Punta Cana before we had even moved.  It was over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Hubby and I agreed that the international flight was so short, 1st class wasn’t really necessary.  I came across a BARGAIN on Southwest.  It happens.  That is not the best part of this story.

First:  when booking a well-known trip, I know that air and resorts often go on sale at different times.  The resort dates are not that important, within a given range.  The air can vary dramatically.  Package deals usually offer the worst flights and I almost always book them separately.  There are, unfortunately, some places where you are a captive of the airline and have no choice but to book a package.  Luckily for me, that has never been a problem.

What made this air trip so exceptional, you might ask.  It was on Southwest, so you do not get to choose your seats in advance.  On our return from Punta Cana, there were only 6 people on the entire jet!  It was like flying on a private jet.  I forced hubby to take video……of me and the interior of the jet.  Yes, it was a fluke.  The surprising thing was that the plane down to PC was 100% full.  No one was going home that day.  Good for us.


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