Making the Chocolate Cigar and Frozen Mojito at Majestic Mirage

I recently posted a video of me eating the chocolate cigar and drinking the Frozen Mojito when I was at Majestic Mirage in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on Thanksgiving Day.  I promised I would post a video of how the two are made.  I am doing so today.  This video was taken earlier in the day, the same day I had mine after dinner.  This was a perfect ending to a great dinner.  No pumpkin pie for me.  I actually don’t like pumpkin pie.  I have no idea why not.  I love pumpkin soup, another dish I was exposed to in the Dominican Republic.

The videographer was my hubby.  He did a pretty good job and only wobbled a little bit, with a quick recovery.  It’s not easy holding a small camera for so long.  You will hear me commenting and laughing next to the camera, but the focus was on the food preparation.   The gentleman providing the explanations is the General Manager at Majestic Mirage, Jose-maria Gutierrez.  He was speaking to us in English, to another couple in French, and to the chefs in Spanish.  He is an amazing man with a passion and strong background in fine food and beverages.  He is hoping to have a weekly cooking workshop at Mirage later this year on its own internet video channel.  I hope so.

If you want to see me enjoying the final product, just view my previous blog post here entitled “Best Cigar Ever”.  If you have any questions about these two delightfully delicious items, post them to comments here.  No comment gets posted until I approve it.  I will gladly answer questions.  I’m a little slow because of the huge backlog of comments.  Right now I have over 42,000 of them, but I am working on reducing that.  Many take up my time that are spam or trash and I have to go through them.

Enjoy the video!  I enjoyed being there and consuming.  I have to admit, it was a very fun-filled day on this topic.  After the presentation, they served us all the items and then I had them again for dessert after dinner.  YUM!!!!

Because of the length of the video, I had to upload it to YouTube.  Here’s the link.



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