“My” iguana is back home, so I booked another visit to our 2nd home

Hubby and I moved full time to Florida this past June.  We have had a huge iguana, as well as some smaller ones, living in our backyard.  We live on a small lake and “our” iguana loves sunning himself in the backyard and in the crook of one of our trees.  He is a shy one.  I have heard stories from others living in Florida that they can be aggressive.  Ours is not.  He runs away if we approach.  It is hard to believe how fast he can run if we approach.

We were traveling in December and January.  While we were away, my Mom told me that she had seen in the news in New York that the Florida weather was so unusually cold that the iguanas were falling out of the trees from it and not surviving.  Since we were away, we did not know.  We returned to our Florida home and, much  to my surprise, there were no iguanas around.  Finally last week, “our” iguana came back.  No, I don’t know if it is the same one.  It is just as large as the one that has always “lived” here.  “He” is back to his usual sunbathing in our backyard and lounging in our tree overlooking the lake.

Now that he is back, I booked our next trip to our “2nd home”.  Our primary residence may have changed in the last year, but our favorite 2nd home did not.  We are returning to Majestic Mirage in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for my birthday in August.  We will also celebrate our wedding anniversary while there, which is in September.  I post one video today, to show you why we had to return to Majestic Mirage.  It is of our suite there in November.  I have wanted to post it for awhile, but was hesitant.  The suite is gorgeous.  I had already been there for a few days and was looking bloated in my bathing suit.  Hubby was having a hand tremor while shooting the video.  It’s not the best video, but it was as tremendous an ocean front suite as you could ask for!  We had to go back as soon as possible.  We are also hoping to go back again for New Years.

We were spoiled in some ways living in New Jersey.  We had air available from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  They were all major carriers and set their schedules far in advance.  Where we are living in Florida, the best priced air does not set very far in advance.    We are used to planning multiple trips a year or more in advance.   That is not possible here because of the air schedules.  We will get used to it.  Every market and every trip are different.  Know  your market and plan accordingly.

For this trip we are traveling Southwest again.  Their prices are hard to beat with two bags free plus carryon and personal item.  We again booked the resort and private transfers through Costco.  For the last many years their prices were better than anywhere else.

Between now and then, we will be on another adventure to northern Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltics, and Russia by both air, land and sea.  That trip is not a bargain, but will be great.  The anatomy of booking any vacation is always different and serves different needs.

I hope you enjoy the video.  I wish it was better to show off how gorgeous this suite and resort is/was/will be again.

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