The Tesla Experience

I have been very “bad” in not attending to this website.  I have over 62,000 unchecked comments.  They are mostly spam and trash.  Tonight, however, I post about the Tesla experience.

Hubby’s brother took out two deposits on the Tesla 3 back in March 2017 or was it earlier?  He was a previous/current owner of 2 Tesla vehicles…both model S.  Over time we discussed it, and I wanted the Tesla 3.  I wanted to be more green.  I wanted an electric vehicle.  We sold our home in NJ, which we had converted to solar and moved to Florida.  Guess what?  You can’t really have solar in Florida.   Thinking of the Tesla 3, we sold one of our vehicles before moving.  We have a 2nd vehicle available to us 24/7 because of family and love our other hard top convertible.

Finally, earlier this year we received an email that our Tesla 3 was ready.  Nope.  It was only the fully loaded one in Black.  We live in Florida.  I don’t want a black car.  We deferred.  We have again received an email that we have to choose our options in the next couple of weeks and that our Tesla 3 will be ready for delivery to us.

Finding a Tesla 3 to actually sit in is not easy.  Most that have been produced are delivered to customers and you will find few on any traditional show room.  Hubby is 6’6″, so it was important to us to make sure it was roomy enough.  Hubby’s bro went to a Chicago showroom to check it out.  Yep.  It is big enough.  We then went to Miami to check it out.  Yep, it is big enough.

I love this car!  On the other hand, getting specific info from in store Tesla personnel is tough.  All outside colors, other than black costs $1,000 extra.  No problema here.  I don’t want a black car.  Here are the colors we found.  I know, they are hard to figure out.  There is black shiny, black matt, really dark gray, really dark blue, light silver, white, and red.  I was leaning towards red, but hubby said “no”.  We will go with the light silver.  Much more to come.  Hope you enjoy our journey.  The interior color is still up in the air.  I’ll share photos of the actual vehicles next.  You know I posed with them.  Great car.  Great price.

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