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I love shoes!  I have always had too many!  I can’t help myself.  With the long distance move hubby and I did almost a year ago, I got rid of many of my old shoes.  Hubby started buying me many new pair once we got settled in our new home.  I have one major piece of advice on the topic…..DON’T buy CHEAP shoes!!!!!!  On the other hand, there are always shoes on sale.  I tend to buy very expensive shoes on sale.  Sometimes I by lesser prices shoes, but there is a comfort or quality reason for this.

I just got back from a more than 2 week and less than 3 vacation in the Baltics in Europe.  Hubby and I took a separate suitcase for our shoes.  This is not unusual for us.  His shoes are very heavy because he is a big size (14 US) and he buys quality also.  Our shoes add a lot of weight to our baggage.  Whether you are travelling or at home, reward your feet with quality shoes.  Your feet, back, and neck will appreciate it.  They also last a lot longer than cheap shoes!  You can build a comprehensive shoe stock that can last for decades, if you buy “good” shoes.

Travelling and life require both no heels and high heels, if you want to be fashionable and comfortable.  In the past I erred on the side of high heels.  I liked the way I looked and my outfit looked.  Also, hubby is a foot taller then I am.  We looked better together when I was taller.  I’ve abandoned that recently, but not without some problems.  It turns out that one of my legs is slightly longer than the other.  In high heels, the heels wore down to adjust to the same height.  Without heels, there is not adjustment and it gives me pain problems.

I post today front and side views of the shoes I took on our most recent vacation that ended a few days ago.  Some cost over $1,000 a pair and some cost less than $50 a pair.  Those are full retail prices.  I never pay full retail.  There are too many sales out there.  Can you tell which are the expensive ones and which are the  more affordable ones?

In a future update to this post,  I will tell you which brands these shoes are, the retail cost, and the sale costs.



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