Another Trip in Less Than A Month, Last One Went Well for the Diet

Our last trip ended about a month ago and our next trip is in less than a month.  Our next one will be much less strenuous and involve fewer modes of transportation.  All trips involve multiple modes of transport.  Last time we were leaving from a very local airport.  We were supposed to take an Uber.  We each have an Uber account and neither of our phones were cooperating.   ARGHHH!.  At the last “minute” I am trying to call for or arrange for on-line a taxi or airport service and hubby is fuming.  We got it done at 3 times what the Uber cost would have been, but we did it.  Very not happy about that, but the “problem” has been resolved for the future.

This was our first time flying out of Palm Beach airport, our new home.  We were flying to meet relatives in Wisconsin/Chicago before going to Europe.  Our biggest mileage account was with United, so we chose them.  Them airport is only 20 minutes away.  It is a great airport.  I got a really cheap flight through diligence out to the Midwest.  I had been warned, through research, about the disadvantages of these cheap flight.  I wasn’t worried, because I was a “member”.  Oh, that didn’t work out well.  Our checked backs, one each, were free.  If you are not a member, you pay.  Then came the problem.  The biatch at check-in wouldn’t accept our one of our “personal” items, because it had wheels.  Another charge.

Our relatives had offered to pick us up in Chicago, but the same flight was cheaper to Pewaukee than getting off in Chicago… Pewaukee it was.   Several days later, it was private limo service for the four of us to Chicago for our international flight to Copenhagen.   Once in Copenhagen, it was private bus transport through Holland America to our hotel.  All went well, except they had changed our hotel!  We weren’t happy about that.  It was the same hotel group, but not the same hotel.  We did out thing for a few days in Copenhagen, and were then back on a private bus transport to the ship.

Once on the ship, our transport was at ease.  We had pre-booked many tours, most of them through Holland America, but not all of them.  One, in particular, we had booked directly through a site and were picked up via private taxi/tour guide.  Our travel mates had wanted to book private tour/limos for many of the sites, but the cost was prohibitive and inconvenient.  Entrance and camera fees were not included, so you would have to wait in long lines to get into the places you wanted to see.

One tour we were pre-booked for was to start with a private train ride to and fro.  We ended up cancelling that excursion.  We had pre-paid, but they changed the departure time to 6:30 am!….maybe earlier.  I’m not doing that on vacation.    During our travels about we took small group vans and buses, some free from Holland America and some part of tour we paid for.

Our travel to and from Europe was vis SAS “first class”.  The fully reclining beds were nice!  The cost was not.  I could spend weeks at other locations for the same cost as the air alone!

When we abounded the train trip in Germany, we changed to a multiple lake cruise for the day.  It was great.  We met locals and USA travelers and shared wine on a beautiful day.  Yes, even though we were on a cruise, we took a lakes cruise for the day.  You go with the flow of the area you are in.

After all of a great trip, that I will tell you more about later, it was back to Chicago via !st Class  air, private limo to Pewaukee, private limo back to the airport days later, and then air on Southwest to Ft. Lauderdale.  I have to say, I LOVE Southwest and its prices.  Once in Ft. Lauderdale, we took an Uber without incident,  to our car and then drove home.  Finally, our many modes of transport were over!

Travel includes many incidences of transport.  It takes a lot of planning.  Our next trip is in less than a month, to Punta Cana, DR, and will involve much less.    We booked our air through SouthWest…… them….great prices.  We booked our resort, Majestic Mirage through Costco…..and it includes private transport to/fro airport/hotel.

One photo is attached today.  It is of me in Tallinn, Estonia.  What a jewel of a place.  We met a couple from here several years ago when we were staying at Majestic Elegance.  They did not describe how beautiful this place is.  Two very surprising things:  everyone speaks English…..more so than in Germany;  the entire country pays by cell phone for everything, including taxes.  Why do they not have a hacking problem when we do in USA?

Oh yeah, forgot to say, I modified my “new diet” while on the trip and came back home not gaining a single pound and yet eating and drinking all I wanted to.  Some of it was because of all the “exercise” of touring and some because I  watched it without sacrificing.   After I got home, resumed more of my “diet”,  but had less exercise,  I lost a few more pounds.


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