Holland America, Diet, and Majestic Resorts

Yes, once again I am teasing you to figure out what these three things have in common.  Of course I will tell you.  Our last trip was on Holland America to many countries bordering the Baltic Sea.  It is a great misunderstanding for people to think that those are “The Baltics”, as in former Soviet Union controlled areas.  We were in Copenhagen, Denmark; two different ports in Germany; Helsinki, Finland; Stockholm, Sweden; St. Petersburg, Russia; and Talllin, Estonia.  What did all of these ports have in common while travelling on Holland America’s Zuiderdam?  Towel Art.  haha  Every day in our suite on there was a new towel art animal.  I know I took a new photo each day of them, but I can’t find them all in my computer.  I post tonight the ones I can find.  Do they make a vacation?….No.  Do they bring a smile each day when you see the new one?  Yes.

Yes, there were more.  I think I took photos every day, but I used different cameras.  What does HAL towel art have to do with Majestic Resorts in Punta Cana, DR?  Every visit we have been to Majestic in PC, they have also had animal towel art.  We are off to visit our true second home at Majestic in less than a week.  I am sure we will see some more of “the art”.  There are three Majestic Resorts in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  They are all next to each other.  Our first visit was to Majestic Colonial.  It was during the opening week of Majestic Elegance.  Our next many visits for years was to Majestic Elegance, with some privileges at Colonial.  Then Majestic Mirage opened and we have been going there.  We will be back to the three of them and can’t wait!  We will be “sleeping” at Mirage.

What do a HAL cruise and a Majestic Resorts vacation have to do with diet?  Everything!  You can eat a heathy diet and still go on all you can eat vacations!  It is up to you.  I started a more healthy diet in February.  I have always eaten healthy, but my doctor told me I was “starving” myself causing my body to store fat.  She advised me to eat more often, but to change what I ate and drank.  I did.  The first week I lost 4 pounds….eating more.  The second week, I lost another 3 pounds.  I plateaued and went on the all you can eat cruise/vacation for three weeks.  I didn’t gain any weight.  I came home and stuck to my new diet and lost another 3 pounds.  Since then I have lost another 2 pounds.  I now weigh 5 pounds less than I did when I was 17! …and I am eating and drinking more than I ever have.  hahaha

Many of you have followed my move to Palm Beach County and my new home.  Many of you have liked a photo I posted of our antique bar with lithograph over it.  We have moved that lithograph and replaced it with a mirror.  I was trying on my bathing suits for our upcoming trip today and took a photo of the new arrangement.  You can’t really see how thin I look, but I will post some many photos of our upcoming beach vaca at Majestic Resorts next week.  I can’t wait!!!!!  I will be celebrating my birthday there.  I know it sounds funny, but the weather is better in Punta Cana in August than it is in Palm Beach.  LOL


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