Your “diet” is your health. Mine is amazing, but difficult.

You have no life journey without good health.  Everyone is different as to what this means.  In some ways, though, we are all similar.  A little over six months ago, I chose  a new primary care physician.  It is a “she”.  She is young.  I don’t know if I believe everything she suggests, but I am willing to listen and try.  What is most important to me is that she listens to me!

When I first met her, she had many questions about my past medical history.  One of her first was, “Did you not have health insurance?”  The answer to that was “NO!”  I have always had health insurance, but did I have doctors that listened?  They all acted like they did, but I have my doubts.  Many want to just test, test, test, but don’t actually resolve the “problems”.  I am lucky that I am very healthy, but I have my issues.  We all do.

Over 6 months ago, my dr. put me on a very restrictive diet because of cholesterol issues.  I have followed many of her restrictions and not others.  My health is now much better.  I have never been heavy.  I have always been small boned, but big busted.  I now weigh less than what I weighed as a freshman in high school.

The first step in my new diet was hydration….It is so important for all of your functions.  The second step was to avoid MILK!  I have always been a milk lover.  I was drinking up to 8 cups of tea a day.  I drank it with milk.  My dr. said that she does not advise that any adult drink cow’s milk.  I stopped drinking it.  To my shock, what I thought were new allergies disappeared.  No more mucus, sneezes, or coughs!  I now drink my tea with fresh lemon.  A few weeks ago I ran out of lemons and so for one day I used milk.  I didn’t like the taste anymore.  It tasted like cups of fat.  Immediately the mucus started again.  Also, I didn’t feel so good in my tummy.  My body was talking to me.  I have listened.  I also confirmed with a colon/rectal specialist that milk produces mucus throughout your body, including in your intestines.  He also suggests not drinking it.  I have also cut back on my tea consumption to 4 cups a day.  Any  beverage with caffeine in it is dehydrating.  Since the first secret to good health is hydration, anything that is so dehydrating is not good.

Meanwhile, hubby and I are going on vacation in a couple of days.  He is a dream come true when it comes to on-line shopping.  He found a Halston dress for me before our last vacation, but the bra issue was not so good when I wore it.  He recently found a French bra that can be worn strapless or with straps and bought it for me in two colors!  The full retail on them is about $80.00 each.  He found them for less than $27 each and free shipping.  I’m still playing with the right adjustments.

One photo tonight of me planning on adjusting the bra.  It doesn’t matter if you are big or small busted, the right bra can make you look good or bad.  I’ve been looking good and not so good with some of my existing bras.  For me it is not only the strap issues with various style dresses and shirts, but also some of the backless or cut out back styles.





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