Travel signs

Instead of long stories, I thought I’d add a place for signs you see when travelling. Whether near or far, we all see those signs that either make us laugh or scratch our heads.

The first one is from Steve’s Bar in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It is for a unisex bathroom. My guess is that it would too much to hope for that they could have put a pair of pants on the “male”.

Steve's Bar Punta Cana Bano sign

When I started this, I was posting newer photos at the end of the list.  I will leave the above one as the first, because it makes me giggle.  I took the photo.  In the future, I will add new photos right below this message for the ease of viewers who have viewed before.

This is the latest photo I took of a sign in Islamorada, Florida Keys.  We have been there many times.  Many family and friends own places there.  We were just there looking for a place to move to.  We did not find it this trip.  Perhaps the reason is the sign.


This next one is obviously from Australia. Thank goodness they explained what they meant by the visual image.

sign kangaroo

We have all seen parking signs that make no sense. This one is a true head scratcher. It’s in English and still totally incomprehensible. My guess is that someone messed up on the a.m. and p.m.

sign parking

I have no idea what this sign is trying to warn of. My guess it is about something in the water that makes swimming dangerous, but exactly what, I could not tell you. It’s one to laugh at and scratch your head over.

sign swimming

I like getting out and seeing the natural offerings of Mother Nature when I travel and appreciate signage to let me know what I may not recognize. These two signs, though are not at all helpful.

sign big tree

I love road-side farm stands and farmers’ markets. It may surprise many that there are a plethora of them in New Jersey. This is not my idea of fresh farm produce.

sign candy corn

My goal is to have one a month of these travel signs. I have to play catch up first since this site began. In regard to the next one, if you don’t know, Cape Fear is an actual place, not just the name of a movie. It is located near Wilmington, North Carolina (USA). There is also a Cape Fear River in the same vicinity.

sign Optimist Cape Fear

This one in a remote place made me laugh. Hope you do too.

sign eat here

I have no idea what this means, other than it is from Alaska.


I have my doubts that this is a real travel sign, but I still love it for the anticipation.sign vacation

This sign is obviously adulterated. I avoid political debate on my site because so many of us have different ideas, and this is not the place for it. However, this sign is too political to overlook. I lived in North Carolina for several years. I did volunteer teaching. I was a student. I lived with someone who was gay. I had no money, so I guess I was poor. I did not work, so I was unemployed. And, yes, I had a uterus. I enjoyed every moment of times there.

sign North Carolina

I couldn’t help this one. Language jokes are always the best.
sign fart