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Life is a Journey

I invite you to share that journey with me; past, present, and future.  I promise you some laughs, photos, and good information along the way.  My concentration will be on world travel, but often from the personal journey aspect.

I was born in a tourist town at the Jersey Shore.  The following month my travels began when “I” moved to another tourist location, Williamsburg, Virginia.  I was back to the Jersey Shore within a couple of years and grew up there.  Even though I lived at a summer resort, the family still traveled elsewhere.  I spent many summers on Lake Champlain in Vermont and in the Poconos in Pennsylvania.  By age 12 I had flown to Florida by myself.  Today they call that an unaccompanied minor.  Back then they served me wine on the plane.  By age 13 I traveled to Europe without my parents.  I saw the Mediterranean and the countries it bordered, including northern Africa and then traveled throughout Spain, France, Holland, and England.  I did two more trips to Europe while in high school.

Throughout my childhood my family traveled to Florida and Puerto Rico  a couple of times a year, year after year.  Interestingly, my hubby’s family did the same, staying at the same places, during the same times of the year, and during the same years.  We never met there.  We met at the Jersey Shore and have traveled to too many countries to list right now.  We’ve been more than once to every continent except Antarctica.  (I could never talk him into that.)  We’ve traveled by land and by sea, independently and escorted, high end and cheap end.   We’ve loved it all.  Our expectations are gauged by what we’ve decided to do on that trip.  With research and planning, we’ve never been disappointed in our choices……well, maybe there was one “hotel” we stayed at that was very disappointing.

I was born to travel and have done it all my life……for fun…..and the learning that has come with that is invaluable.  I hope you join me on my future travels, as well as learn from my past ones.

If you want to read some of my past writings about Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, check out the Trip Advisor forum with my screen name being Desiwood.  If you’d like to see some more of my photos and humor and travels, check out my Facebook page Desi Worlds.

I’d prefer you came here to my own website, but I will answer any questions or respond to comments on all three sites.  I welcome suggestions for topics you want to hear about.

Happy, healthy, and safe travels to all!  #DesiWorlds  #desiwood

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